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Future of the Poultry Industry PDF

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Future of the Poultry Industry PDF

See what the future holds for the global poultry industry.

Find out what is driving growth in protein markets.
What are the factors that will change the face of poultry production?

WATT Global Media’s editors created a series of original forward-looking industry-focused articles to commemorate 100 years serving global professionals in poultry production and processing. This is a collection of 13 in-depth articles, each exploring developments in key industry sectors that are making an impact on the future of the worldwide poultry industry. Also included is a bonus article on the influential people that have shaped the poultry industry.

Articles cover topics including:

  • Will no-antibiotics-ever poultry improve human health?
  • A glimpse into the future of modern poultry production
  • Sustainable poultry production driving industry advances
  • Future of poultry processing: Intelligent automation
  • Precision poultry nutrition shapes industry’s future
  • Future of poultry welfare: What producers should expect

How will your business capitalize on the future opportunities?

This unique collection provides is a view into the future of the poultry industry as seen by WATT editors and other industry thought-leaders. This collection will give you insights into the science and business of the industry in the coming years. The printed booklet is one-of-a-kind keepsake for industry professionals.

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Spanish language "Future of the Poultry Industry" PDF available here

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