Swine Feed Formulations

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Swine Feed Formulations

Gain new insights into animal feed formulations with Swine Feed Formulations, an interactive and downloadable Excel spreadsheet. It includes twelve swine feed formulation variations for young, grower-finishing and breeding pig diets:

  • Nursery swine feed formulations: Typical U.S. nursery pig formulations with corn, soybean meal, poultry by-product meal and DDGS, used in conjunction with antibiotic growth promoting agents for pigs from birth until about 25 kg body weight. (Four formulas)
  • Growing-finishing swine feed formulations: Typical U.S. formulations with corn, soybean meal, and DDGS. Set of four GF formulas describes feeds used in the United States in conjunction with antibiotic growth promoting agents for pigs from about 25 kg and up to 125 kg body weight.
  • Breeder swine feed formulations: Four typical U.S. formulations with corn, soybean meal and DDGS for developing gilts, gestating sows, lactating sows and boars.

Each separate formulation feature includes analysis of the defined diet and sample formulations of rations at the different points in a pig’s life cycle. Formulations represent common current practices focused only on the basic principles of nutrition. A qualified nutritionist with knowledge of local conditions could use these formulas as a starting point to create farm-specific finished results with authority and responsibility.

Swine Feed Formulations is the second installment in WATT Global Media/Feed Strategy’s Animal Feed Formulations Library, a set of sample feed formulations provided as resource material. Formulas are developed by Dr. Ioannis Mavromichalis.

Note: While the cells are functional, the least-cost formulation ability is unavailable, and the formulas will not be able to rebalance automatically to 100% if something is altered. In other words, the spreadsheets are not the feed formulation program used for the creation of these formulas. So, use them with caution and only if you know nutrition, formulation and Excel very well.

This downloadable product is offered without further follow-up service and the same disclaimers and copyrights appeal as the published version and extend to any alterations the user decides to make, especially in the case of liability.

To view examples and analysis related to Swine Feed Formulations, visit the Animal Feed Formulations Library page on FeedStrategy.com.

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