White Leghorns Heritage Poultry Painting Canvas Print

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White Leghorns Heritage Poultry Painting Canvas Print
White Leghorns Heritage Poultry Painting Canvas Print
White Leghorns Heritage Poultry Painting Canvas Print

White Leghorns
A.O. Schilling, 1942

For the first time, now own a rare and beautiful piece of history from the WATT Global Media heritage poultry breed art collection. Never before made available, these original paintings can be printed in high resolution detail, certain to make any poultry lover a perfect gift as an addition to the home or office and ready to hang.

The Leghorn has long been one of the most popular breeds in the world, originating from a region in Northern Italy near the port of its namesake. Thanks to their exceptional laying ability, adaptability and hardiness, White Leghorns are among the most popular commercial strains of layer chickens worldwide. They are excellent layers of white eggs — up to 300 eggs per year.

Arthur Oscar Schilling (1882-1958) is a renowned painter and illustrator of animals and landscapes. He was the official artist of the American Poultry Association and illustrated the American Standard on Poultry.

The WATT Global Media collection of poultry breed paintings (1926-1950) is the largest single collection of rare poultry breed portraits worldwide. The complete collection is comprised of 57 framed oil paintings of different poultry breeds created by three American artists, A.O. Schilling, L. Stahmer and F.L. Sewell, and was commissioned by J.W. Watt, founder of Watt Publishing Company in the mid-1920s.

NOTE: WATT Global Media seeks to offer the best possible image for the different canvas sizes. However, depending on the size ordered, small variations may occur due to cropping required for size and fit. Please be aware - this may mean some painting elements, including artist signature, may be cropped out of the front image, wrapped to the canvas edges or found on the backside of the frame. Prior to ordering, please check the product thumbnail pictures to view the front images captured for each size offered.

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